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MillBro Chat is our local IRC Chat Service, Online since 2009 originally just for friends, we were opened to the public in 2012.

We are based in the United Kingdom, right in the Heart of the North West Region, Our nearest big city is Manchester, In 2002, Manchester hosted the XVII Commonwealth Games!

You can also chat with us via your Internet Browser, Please Click Here

Connect to us with your favorite IRC Client at - on the standard port of 6667, or 8080 or 9080 - You can also connect to us using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) by using one of these ports 6697(Default), 8081, 9081.

You can also download a Pre-Configured IRC Client below:

Windows Setup
ZIP Archive
Windows Setup
ZIP Archive
Windows Setup
ZIP Archive

You can Contact Us if you wish to send us comments, suggestions or anything else.

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