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MillBro Chat is your local IRC Chat Service, Online since 2009 (under a different name) originally just for friends, we opened to the public in 2012 as MillBro Chat, We are based in the United Kingdom, right in the Heart of the North West Region!

Connect to us with your favorite IRC Client at - on the standard port of 6667, 8080 or 9080 - You can also use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) if your IRC Client supports it (Highly Recommended you use SSL) by using one of these ports 6697(Default), 8081, or 9081.

NOTE: If you are at a College, University or Internet Cafe which blocks the default IRC Ports, Please try the alternative ports (eg. 8080/9080/8081/9081) they sometimes work!

Everyone is welcome to come and chat with us, Why not register your nickname then make your very own registered channel, and invite your friends along for a chat as well!

We use UnrealIRCd which is the most popular IRCdaemon, and Anope IRC Services (NickServ/ChanServ/BotServ/HostServ etc)

We now have LIVE Game Server Details broadcast onto IRC from these popular games:
* American Truck Simulator Multiplayer - on #TruckersMP
* Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer - on #TruckersMP
* ZDaemon DooM Games on #DooM
- Please Feel free to pop in and suggest other Games we can index for you!

You can chat with us via your Internet Browser, or Download a Pre-Configured IRC Client (Installable or Portable), Please Click Here for more information!

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