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MillBro Chat now offer a ZNC service, which enables you to "log off" and the ZNC will stay connected, logging all chat till you return, whereby when you reconnect, the ZNC will replay back what has been said and any PM's you may have recieved.

We make a small charge for our ZNC service, which goes directly to the costs associated with running the IRC Network, Website, and Domain Name Costs.

If you want a Secure ZNC/BNC/Bouncer for MillBro Chat, Please follow these instructions:

1) Please click the 'Subscribe' button on the right, and complete purchase.
2) Come onto IRC, Login to your NickServ account, then PM 'Amiga600' with: Your ZNC Nickname, Your ZNC Password, and your IRC Account Name (as shown in /whois (yournick) "Nick is logged in as (accountname)"
3) Your ZNC will be setup, once it is completed, Instructions will be sent so you can connect to it.

NOTE: ALL ZNC Connections are SSL-Secured, Most IRC Clients will allow SSL Connections, such as [He]XChat, mIRC, AdiIRC, once the proper SSL Libraries are installed in the same folder as the IRC Clients Launcher/Executable.

Your subscription can be cancelled at anytime via PayPal directly, If you cancel your payments, Your ZNC will run upto the end of the current month, and then will be terminated.

ZNC Terms Of Service

You *MUST* ..

  • .. be Active and be Registered on Services for a period of 3 months.
  • .. login/attach to your ZNC Account through IRC at least once every month.
  • .. idle in the #ZNC channel on IRC.

    You *MUST NOT* ..

  • .. use our ZNC to connect to other IRC Networks.
  • .. use the ZNC to Ban Evade or Bypass Network Bans.
  • .. use the ZNC to Troll, Harass, or Annoy other IRC Users.

    If any of these Terms are broken, We fully reserve the right to terminate or suspend your ZNC account, without any notice and/or any refund(s) being made, additionally, If your account is not used for 2 months it will be deleted without notice and/or any refund(s) being made.

  • Our ZNC Service costs just
    3 GBP/month.
    (1 GBP first month)

    Cancel at anytime!

    Subscription will continue until you cancel it via your PayPal account.

    Please put your ZNC Name in the Payment Description so we know who is paying us for what ZNC Account!

    *Save 6 GBP on Yearly Payment.

    All Payments are taken securely by PayPal.

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