We originally opened in 2009 as a Private IRC Network, but since July 2012, we re-branded as MillBro Chat, and we are now open to everyone, wherever you come from, we are based in the United Kingdom, but have people connecting from as far as United States of America, and even Australia!

We have now almost converted to a Secure IRC Chat Network (SSL-Only Connections), and while we still currently allow Non-SSL users via a specified port (6668 now) we may in the future close off this port to block Non-SSL Clients, at which time, we will then only allow SSL only clients, There are some IRC clients setup on the Downloads page which can either be installed or downloaded in portable format, ideal for Flash Drives and/or Portable Hard Disks so you can take us on the go with you!

Our IRC is Powered by UnrealIRCd 4, and Anope 2, offering the best features and functions, such as Offer-Based vHosts(Anope), and Timed Bans Feature(Unreal), by default all incoming connections are fully cloaked by a custom-based vHost on connect, therefore hiding your ISP name completely, in addition if you register your nickname, you can have a snazzy vHost of your choice or pick one of the existing vHost’s available.

We also broadcast LIVE Game Details onto IRC from these popular games:

* American Truck Simulator Multiplayer on #TruckersMP
* Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer on #TruckersMP
* Both games show Hourly Full Server Details, including Online/Offline Servers, Active Players, Game Flags (eg. No Collision etc)
* Latest Steam News from Both ATS and ETS2 and SCS Software is also shown!

– We can also index other games to specific channels on request, provided the game in question has a Publicly Accessible API that we can use, Please feel free to ask for other games to be added!

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was created by Jarkko Oikarinen in August 1988 (30 years ago, as of 2018) Wikipedia