You can download a Pre-Configured IRC client from below to install to your computer, or you can take us on the road (for example on a USB stick or Hard Drive) by downloading a portable (archive) version:

These IRC Clients require .NET Framework 4.5, which you can obtain from Microsoft: Web Install or Offline Install





Client Downloads

Client NameDescriptionSetupArchive
NetTalkAdvanced IRC Client with basic theme supportSetup
MD5: e7baa61891953f567eeb9ca46680059f
SHA1: 14b1a25afb7ef8d89c677a4929b23761577f6927
MD5: 829add0d4174fe2af16c26618de6fb6a
SHA1: 6bc162297824d26d51fb0c7b8779901551de1660


Other Downloads

IRC RFC DocumentationIRC RFC Documents Archive5b39eb90633573a71c89c5a76e0e07940812509a9684c18834dbbe1570188a2d812002b2