Terms of Service

Terms of Service (Last Updated: December 2018)

When you connect to our IRC Network, we will assume that you have read and fully understand the following Terms of Service, which you must accept and abide by whilst using our services. Failure to read this ToS does not mean that you are not bound by it.

Key: ‘services’ means collectively, our IRC Service, our services package (NickServ etc), and our network bots (Bender, IdleRPG).


  • Due to Spam/Abuse, we no longer allow any kind of Proxy/Tor/Drone to connect to our services. There is zero excuse for using a Proxy/Tor service here since we now fully cloak your IP directly.
  • We allow freedom of speech, within reason. Some things can cross this border, so please do not say/post anything which may offend other people (such as, but not limited to, Racist/Religious/Abusive/hate comments)
  • Clicking and/or visiting download link(s) in IRC Chat is done at your own risk, if you do not trust the link(s) posted, then do not click them. MillBroChat Staff and Admins will not be responsible for your own actions in this regard.
  • Our ‘services’ are live, so we cannot (and will not) ppolice everything that passes through our services, and we have no intention of blocking anything, including profanity. The only thing we have started to block is spammers and trolls for the safety of everyone using our ‘services’, such blocks are not removed, even upon request, and anyone triggering any of the filters will have to sit out any bans associated with them; no exceptions!


User-Controlled Bots are allowed on our ‘services’ provided you:

  • Mark them as a Bot (/mode +B or /umode +B or /RAW UMODE +B)
  • Keep your bot out of official Network Channels, such as #MBC, unless you ask for permission first. If your Bot interferes with any of our Network Bots we will ask you to remove yours and/ord alter it so that it does not interfere with our Network Bots.
  • As long as your ‘Bot’ does not bother/annoy/disrupt our website and/or any part of our ‘services’, we will not bother ‘it’.
  • File sharing bots are allowed, provided they do not share anything such as viruses/trojans/backdoors etc. If we have reason to believe you are sharing such files, we will remove both YOU and your BOT from our services!

Network Administration/Staff will only get involved in non Network Channel affairs if one or more of the following happen:

  • The channel in question disrupts the operation of our ‘services’ in any way.
  • We receive a lot of complaints regarding the channel in question.
  • We are asked for help by the Channel Owner (From /CS INFO)


If you break any of the rules above, you will be subject to the following sanctions:

  • A verbal warning
  • A Channel Ban and/or a Network Ban
  • A permanent ban.